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Thank you for visiting this page!!! We invite you to make a gift to further our mission through 2023 and beyond. Your donation will provide funds for student scholarships, help maintain the health and well-being of our therapy horses and allow us to develop new programs so more members of the community will be able to benefit from interaction with horses. You may make a single or recurring donation by clicking on the “Donate now” button, or you may mail your contribution to BRCTH, P.O. Box 438, Boyce, VA 22620. Any dollar amount will make a difference!

Your donation of…

  • $25 Provides a replacement halter
  • $50 Provides horse care supplies for one month
  • $100 Provides dental care of one horse
  • $150 Provides annual vaccinations for one horse
  • $200 Provides farrier services for one month
  • $250 Provides supplements and medications for one month
  • $500 Provides feed and hay for one month

As a non-profit organization, BRCTH funds it operations through individual and corporate in-kind and monetary donations, civic and foundation grants, fundraising events and student tuition.

Thank you!

The COVID-19 pandemic has been disruptive in so many ways, and BRCTH has not escaped it’s consequences. We want to thank everyone who has made donations, both monetary and in-kind, to help BRCTH maintain the health and readiness of our precious assets, our therapy horses and ponies. Your generosity means more than we could possibly express.

But we still faces challenges… With the prevalence of variants of the virus, we may well continue facing a reduction in revenues received from fundraising events and contracts for service. We believe in what we do, that these challenges will only make us a stronger community partner.

We need YOUR help to ensure that our students continue to benefit from our therapeutic services. BRCTH will be there for them, strong and ‘ready to ride’!

How can I help, you ask? Here are several suggestions:

BRCTH accepts individual, business and corporate monetary donations which go directly to support our horses and other program needs.  You can donate by clicking the “Donate now” button on any page of this website, or you can donate online through Paypal via your account or debit/credit card.  Use our email address,  You can also access our Facebook page (/brcth) and click on the “Donate” button.  If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to BRCTH and mail to P.O. Box 438, Boyce, VA  22620. 

Our FEED DONATION PROGRAM is ongoing at Berryville Farm and Pet Supply and Clearbrook Feed and Supply.  You can purchase bags of Purina feed or donate an amount of your choice to be credited to BRCTH’s account and used to purchase feed and supplies to support our horses!

You can also help by supporting our in-person and virtual fundraising events or campaigns.  Check out our Events page and Facebook page for what’s coming up.  We welcome ideas and inspirations regarding fundraising and marketing.

In-kind donations of tack, grooming supplies and horse care products are always appreciated, as are lesson and office supplies.  Often, we can consign tack and equipment that we are unable to use and thereby still benefit from the donation. We also welcome donations of services, such as those related to advertising or marketing.  Please contact us if you have an item(s) or a service to donate, or pass along our contact information to someone who does.

BRCTH will acknowledge your donation through personal letter, and may recognize your donation in our newsletter or other BRCTH print and online publications, and/or local media.  Please let us know your wishes regarding how you would like to be acknowledged.     

Thank you for visiting this page and for your support!  

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  1. please set up a “donate” button for us senior citizens.

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