Download our brochure here:   brcthfeb2017brochure

Our mailing address is BRCTH, P.O. Box 438, Boyce, VA  22620

We are registering new students, children and adults, for our 8-week Spring Session which starts week of April 9th.  Read about our therapeutic services on the Programs page and contact us for more information or for a registration packet.

Check out our Volunteer page at this site and also our Facebook page for information about how you can help BRCTH make a difference in your community!  Volunteer Training for Spring Session starts on Weds, March 21st with an Orientation. 

Mark your calendars!  Our next Vera Bradley/Thirty-One/Premier Designs Bingo Fundraiser is on March 10th!  See our Events page for more details.

Therapeutic riding makes a difference and changes lives! 

For people with disabilities and those who are at risk, the horse and its environment can provide unique healing and learning experiences.  Under the watchful eye of a certified instructor, trained volunteers, educators and health care professionals, a student’s interaction with a horse can be therapeutic as well as a fun and freeing experience. 

Therapeutic riding is fun.  It also produces results.  Some of the benefits one can expect:     


Improved coordination and muscle tone

Improved posture and balance     

Improved gross and fine motor skills

Increased range of motion


 Improved attention and concentration 

Improved sequencing and planning

Improved flexibility in thinking

Improved judgement


Increased self confidence and self-cont

Increased understanding of consequences

Improved social interaction

Increased empathy and empowerment


 For more information, contact us!

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