2021 BRCTH Fall Session is in the books!

Jilly takes aim in Pumpkin Toss game as Instructor Laura, horse leader Karen and side-walkers Donna and Steve and mount Jackson cheer her on.

This session, we served two dozen students ranging in age from 6 to 60, some new to BRCTH and others who have been riding with us for 5+ years. And we had the help of many wonderful new and experienced volunteers who bring joy and confidence to the children and adults who come to BRCTH to learn and heal. Our innovative, certified instructors and kind, well-trained therapy horses and ponies round out the therapeutic teams that made it all happen! 

Here are some memorable moments from this session. Our 10-week spring session will be begin March 28th and continue into early June. For more information, download our brochure.

Cameron sitting in the center and erect after riding patterns to improve his balance and core strength.
Derek attending to his instructor and showing good form and contact.
Abigail looking ahead and listening to her instructor in preparation for the sitting trot.
Lexie enjoying a stroll outside on a beautiful fall day.

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